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June 19, 2009 at 7:27 pm 1 comment

Self portrait, obviously

Self portrait, obviously

I have set up this blog for my tweaked WordPress plugin, ‘PostMash Filtered’, so I can take comments, feedback, bug reports, and all that kind of sh*t.




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Post Mash Filtered

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  • 1. James Gray  |  July 23, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    G’day Selwyn,

    Thank you for this plugin, it really is a fantastic WP tool :-D;

    Having some conflict issues I can’t seem to isolate, have tried switching off other plugins to no avail.

    Wondered if you may know a quick fix before I get my JS guy on to it – Am happy to donate/pay for a quick solution,

    Many thanks, James

    Firebug is kicking out the following error:

    $ is not a function
    (?)()()postMash…s?ver=2.8 (line 93)
    returns()()nest-moo…s?ver=2.8 (line 1424)
    (?)()(undefined)nest-moo…s?ver=2.8 (line 1429)
    fireEvent()(function())nest-moo…s?ver=2.8 (line 2899)
    fireEvent()(“domready”, undefined, undefined)nest-moo…s?ver=2.8 (line 2900)
    domReady()()nest-moo…s?ver=2.8 (line 3605)
    returns()()nest-moo…s?ver=2.8 (line 1424)
    (?)()(DOMContentLoaded )nest-moo…s?ver=2.8 (line 1429)
    [Break on this error] mySort = new MySortables($(‘postMash_pages’), {


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